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Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Law Office of David Schles, I provide personal representation of my clients. When you need a lawyer, you need a lawyer, not a secretary or a paralegal responding for a lawyer who does not communicate directly with you. I will be personally available to keep you fully informed about all aspects of your case and involve you in all important decisions concerning your case.

I will provide all clients with skilled and experienced representation and aggressively advocate your cause. I have eighteen years of experience practicing criminal law and focus my practice only on criminal law unlike may lawyers who dabble in criminal law along with other areas such as family law, personal injury and the like. When you are charged with a crime you need a criminal defense lawyer not a lawyer who does a little criminal defense.

Representing clients throughout West Virginia in state and federal courts.

Experience includes:
Criminal Law; Criminal Trials in State and Federal Court; Appeals in State and Federal Courts; Federal Criminal Cases; State Criminal Cases in West Virginia; Criminal Defense; Felonies; Grand Jury Practice; Habeas Corpus; Mail Fraud; Money Laundering; Murder; Post-Conviction Remedies; Weapons Charges; White Collar Crime; Embezzlement; White Collar Crime Defense; White Collar Fraud; Drug Cases, Internet and Computer Crimes.

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